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Medicare Experts

Integrated Insurance was formed with a mission in mind: to assist individuals with the complexities of Medicare plans and the health insurance system, enabling them to live healthier lives. Nancy Green, Angela Lambie-Severin, and Diane Gonzalez come from diverse working backgrounds, but share in a common goal — to help people with their individual health insurance needs.

Nancy Green, Co-Owner of Integrated Insurance

Nancy, a recognized health insurance expert, has many years of experience working as a director for a national insurance company. During her time as a director, she worked specifically in the company's Medicare division. Upon her own retirement, Nancy continued to have a passion for helping people and saw an increasing need within Minnesota. Driven to share her Medicare knowledge and expertise, she joined forces with Angela and Diane, creating Integrated Insurance.

Angela Severin, Co-Owner of Integrated Insurance

Angela brings her own set of skills to the partnership. With a background in sales and marketing, she is able to effectively promote Medicare seminars and on-going services that Integrated Insurance provides in the areas of sales management along with building a library of marketing materials for our brokers. Angela, recognized as a very caring and compassionate person, knows the ins and outs of health insurance plans. She assists individuals, and families with their health insurance needs on an individual basis.

Diane Gonzalez, Management Team Member at Integrated Insurance

Diane, a teacher in heart, thrives on educating people about health insurance plans. With a background in customer service and technology, Diane helps consumers and agents navigate through the maze of health insurance plans to find the right fit for each person. As a caregiver for her parents, Diane recognized the need for quality insurance plans for people and the need for them to understand their options. She is dedicated to helping people find peace of mind for their future and live healthier lives.

Consultants for Retirees, Individuals, Families, Small Businesses AND Insurance Brokers

Today, through Nancy, Angela, and Diane's diverse backgrounds and shared compassion, they have formed a company that operates as a true independent Medicare and Health Insurance broker organization.

Integrated Insurance helps retirees understand their Medicare plan options, and are trusted advisors for their specific health insurance needs. At the other end of the spectrum, we also help local independent insurance brokers gain a better understanding of Medicare plans so they can assist individuals within their own communities.

Our Core Values

The entire Integrated Insurance team — Nancy, Angela, and all outside independent insurance brokers — are guided by a set of core values: Integrity, Trust, Compassion, Relationships, and Performance. Seeking individuals with these values, Integrated Insurance currently operates with over 45 independent insurance agents throughout all areas of the state. The goal is to continually and rapidly grow that number, allowing more Minnesota retires to have access to expert Medicare plan guidance.

Your Medicare Plan Advisor

When it comes to working directly with individuals, retirees, and families, Nancy and Angela have worked to build alliances and become certified with all the insurance companies offering Medicare plans within Minnesota. Under the Integrated Insurance name, they have also developed partnerships within the medical and financial communities. In building these partnerships, Integrated Insurance is able to ensure that the Medicare plan you are considering will cover your doctor visits, your prescriptions, and fit within your current financial situation.

Your Consultant to Grow Your Health Insurance Business

In the area of assisting other independent insurance brokers, Integrated Insurance will provide tools, knowledge, and a greater understanding of the health insurance plans. Learn More